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Hi, friends!

Welcome to the Fig + Ivy Blog, and thank you so much for being here. I wanted to take the time to introduce myself and let you all know a little bit of what you can expect from us in this space. 

I’m Ivy, owner of Fig + Ivy Collective in the Historic District of Roseville, California. I opened the doors of my boutique on October 29th of 2018, with the hopes of doing things a little differently. Every day since I’ve been learning and growing right along side this ever evolving company. 

Get to know Ivy Pemberton, founder of Fig + Ivy Collective, and learn about her mission to empower and uplift women everywhere through her size-inclusive clothing boutique in Roseville, CA

I think one of the first questions I get asked when talking about my store is “how did you do it?”. Trust me, you don’t want me snaking down that rabbit hole in search of the fuzzy details today… perhaps another time. But really when you decide to build a business you just end up putting your head down, blinders on, and charging full force ahead in to the unknown. It’s hard to know exactly what you’re getting yourself in to, and that’s probably for the best. Each day is different than the next, but when you’re pursuing your passion it’s (mostly) easy to wake up ready to greet each days’ new set of challenges. It was a whirlwind, and when time is money it’s hard to stop for a moment to soak up the process and appreciate the work being put in. It was hard, and long, and trying, and worth every minute. 

I don’t think I’ll ever forget the way I felt the morning I opened my doors to the public. That, for me, was the first moment all of it seemed real. This concept I had dreamt of, the mission that fueled my fire, was open and ready to wildly succeed or fall deafeningly short. In my inexperienced and admittedly dramatic mind, those two extremes were my only option. At 11 o’clock that morning I was proud, and scared, and so grateful. Because I’m not a local girl, and knew relatively few people in the community, I set a modest sales goal of $500 in our first day. We did that 7 times over on day one. This community of women SHOWED UP in support. And I continue to be amazed by the support our little store with a big mission has received. 

Let me dive a little deeper in to what I mean by our “mission” here. Our tag line, “no lady left behind”, does a good job of summing up a whole lot of feelings and intentions. We’re a size-inclusive women’s clothing boutique, with the hopes that every woman who walks through our doors feels thought of, heard, and beautiful in the skin she’s in. In our age of inclusion, it baffled me that most boutiques hadn’t gotten on board with the idea of carrying more than “standard” sizing. Or that they hadn’t gotten the news that the average American woman is a size 14. I understand it might seem a little harsh to call out so many businesses and brands in that way, but frankly it’s a message I think needs to be shared loud and clear. Maybe many of their buyers have never experienced the feeling of walking in to a beautiful boutique and defeatedly browsing the racks knowing that much of their stock wouldn’t fit. Maybe they’ve always felt represented, so it’s hard from them to look at fashion through the eyes of the other half of American women. I couldn’t let that be the case here. After spending years behind the chair as a hair stylist/therapist/friend to women of all shapes, sizes, and ages - I knew I would never create a space that contributed to the feelings of self doubt and insecurity that we all face. Whether you’re tall, short, itty bitty, big boned, young, or old - you’ll find a home here with us. 

Boho vintage grunge-style clothing for retro-loving gals of all shapes and sizes located in Roseville, California.

So four months in business later, here we are. Still working tirelessly every day to build our brand, praying every day that I made the right move, and knowing deep in my bones that serving all of you amazing women is where I belong. My hope is that this blog represents, in some way, every woman reading it. I hope our writing resonates as tangible and realistic. I hope it serves as a source of laughter and inspiration. Most importantly, when you tune in to read this blog, I hope you feel a sense of community and empowerment as the badass you are. We’ll be writing about fashion, style, life, love, and frankly whatever you all want to hear from us. So keep checking in for some great things to come, I think you’ll be glad you did.


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